Wage & Hour

Speaking up against what’s wrong, doesn’t give employers the right to retaliate.

In California, two powerful laws govern wage and hour matters: the California Labor Code and the Federal Fair Labor Standards Act. Employers often violate the laws by failing to pay fair wages or overtime. Employers may fail to comply with California wage and hour requirements in various ways, including the following common violations:

  • Not providing employees with an uninterrupted 30 minute meal period after fifth hour of the shift;
  • Not paying an extra hour of pay for each missed meal period or rest break;
  • Not paying an extra hour of pay for each missed meal period or rest break;
  • Not providing all required information on paystubs and earnings statements;
  • Not compensating employees for all employment expenses (such as uniforms, automobile mileage, etc.);
  • Not providing “cool down” periods for employees working in hot temperatures.
  • Not providing suitable seating;
  • Forcing employees to work “off the clock,” or “rounding” employee time at the beginning or end of the shift;
  • Requiring you to take your lunch while still working and not paying you for that time;
  • Not accounting for commission, bonuses or other benefits such as free meals in calculating overtime pay;
  • Not paying time and a half for all hours over 8 in a day, and/or 40 in a week;
  • Not providing a 10 minute rest break for each four hour work period;
  • Not paying for all earned vacation upon termination of your employment;
  • Not providing paid sick days.

Wage and Hour victims can be compensated for missing breaks, being classified incorrectly as exempt, not being paid according to the law, and for not being provided with accurate pay stubs. Ghuman Law Firm assists clients in gathering necessary documents and seeking legal remedies that best serve Clients’ interest. If you have questions about wage and hour laws, Ghuman law Firm is available for a consultation.