Unemployment Benefits, Disability Leave, and Paid Sick Leave during COVID-19

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COVID-19: Unemployment Benefits, Disability Leave, and Paid Sick Leave Video

COVID-19: Unemployment Benefits Presentation


  • Through EDD, Unemployment Insurance (“UI”) benefits cover approximately 60% of wages earned up to a maximum of $450 per week, which is taxable.  
  • The Federal CARES Act adds $600 to each weekly benefit check, extends the maximum weeks of UI benefits from 26 weeks to 39 weeks, and allows retroactive payment of benefits for income loss beginning March 29, 2020.


1. Look for work while on unemployment.

– One of the usual requirements for being eligible for unemployment includes, actively looking for work, ready to accept work, be available for work, and be physically able to work.

2. How much does unemployment pay? For how long?

– The benefit amount is calculated based on your wages in the four quarters (12 months) prior to applying for benefits. To get an idea of the amount of benefits you may receive, click on the EDD calculator and/or review the EDD chart.

3. A self-employed, independent contractors, and business owners normally do not qualify. 

– The CARES Act provides Pandemic Unemployment Assistance (PUA) to self-employed individuals for up to 39 weeks of lost income between February 2 and December 26, 2020. Note that the length of PUA benefits may be reduced by any weeks of regular unemployment benefits that person has received.

4. How long does it take to get your first payment?

– Getting your first payment from unemployment will take time. Typically, it takes 2-3 weeks but may take longer given the volume of applicants. Have patience.

5. EDD won’t stop during the coronavirus pandemic.

– EDD have people on overtime, have redirected staff, and are considering bringing in people from retirement and making new hires to get through all the claims.

Coronavirus: Beneficios de Desempleo, Tiempo de Descanso, y Discapacidad

COVID-19: Presentación de Beneficios de Desempleo

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