Here's a list of our most frequently asked questions and answers. However, if you have any questions that are not answered here, please do not hesitate to contact us.

We are available by appointment only. Please call the office at (888) 647-2266 or email to info@ghumanlawfirm.com to schedule an appointment.

You may reach Ghuman Law Firm by either calling (888) 647-2266 or emailing info@ghumanlawfirm.com. Typically, any calls or messages are returned within 24 hours. We strive to return calls and messages as soon as reasonably possible to provide our clients with the professional and reliable legal representation.

Ms. Ghuman shares the strengths and weaknesses of a represented case. She also tells her clients what the cases anticipated defenses are, and where potential weak spots may be. Of course, her assessment is only as good as the information you share with her. Also, until the firm hears from the other side, it is hard to give a complete assessment of you case.

Hourly Billings

Depending on the complexity of the issues, the Firm will perform work on business litigation or consulting cases at an hourly rate. Many contract law matters may be performed on an hourly basis as the need arises.

Contingency Fees

The firm takes many cases on a contingency fee basis including wrongful termination, discrimination, harassment, and retaliation arising out of the workplace.
If there is no settlement or judgment, client is only responsible for costs associated with a lawsuit.

Flat Fees

In some situations, the work on a project can be agreed upon at a flat rate. The firm will, in some instances, charge a flat rate if the file warrants a flat rate fee. This allows our clients to know up front what the fee will be and they can be assured it will not exceed that amount.