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Ghuman Law Firm

Superior Legal Services Provided by Professional Lawyers in Bakersfield, California

Ghuman Law Firm is known for legal services in employment, business, and housing laws. Our professional lawyers in Bakersfield are preeminent consultants in solving employment disputes such as discrimination, harassment, wage theft, retaliation, whistleblower, disability discrimination, and medical leave.

We understand the wide array of legal scenarios a client may encounter. As a result, we take decisions with proper consideration of a client’s particular situation. If you feel that your rights as an employee may have been violated, then contact our firm for a free consultation to review a potential case. We provide consultants on a variety of inquiries related to rights, obligations, negotiations, and termination issues. Our Employment lawyers in Bakersfield are available for you in seeking all required legal remedies. In addition to it, we also help those employees who do not get proper wages or face discrimination or harassment in the workplace.

Ghuman Law Firm has professional lawyers in Bakersfield, who assist clients in steering the problems of seeking medical leave protections and help clients understand the laws relating to medical leave. In order to provide the best advice to our clients, we remain updated with the changing laws.

Our firm stands out because we thoroughly analyze all cases. Our detailed investigation procedures make our firm one of the trusted legal firms in Bakersfield. We always make sure that victims get justice on time.

Ms. Ghuman is a passionate and diligent attorney and always ready to take on challenges for her clients. Her firm, Ghuman Law Firm, is considered one of the most experienced firms in employment matters. Our expert consultants know how to use the legal system to get results for our clients. By taking your case, Ghuman Law Firm will carefully develop your legal claims and pursue it through all appropriate legal proceedings.

As a reputable firm, we handle all inquiries with proper investigation and documentation. Moreover, you can easily contact the firm by email or phone. All your legal concerns can be easily resolved without any confusion.


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